HeatPulse Knee Massager

Long-lasting comfort with heat and vibration therapy

A knee massager that delivers soothing heat and steady vibrative pulses to relieve knee pain.

True one-size-fits-all: 360° lightweight anti-fray Silkro™ fabric for a snug and customized fit on any knee.


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  • Temperature: 5 settings, 40-60°C (104-140°F)
  • Massage: 3 speeds, 120Hz
  • Battery life: 60-90 mins (1600mAh 7W 5V)
  • Weight: 240g (0.5lbs)
  • Dimensions:
    • 51cm (20”) top strap
    • 48cm (19”) bottom strap
    • 58cm (23”) extension strap
  • Materials:
    • 360° Silkro™ fabric
    • Breathable, moisture-wicking polyester mesh lining

  • 1 HeatPulse Knee Massager (comprising custom-fit sleeve and detachable control pod)
  • 1 extension strap (for using HeatPulse on the shoulders)
  • 1 USB-C charging cable
  • 1 product manual

Enjoy lasting
knee pain relief

with a 30-minute heated massage

Trusted by experts

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    Will Harlow

    Clinic Director & Lead Physio
    HT Physio

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    Dr Cody Hanish

    Chiropractor and Clinic Director
    Combined Clinics

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    Dr Kevin Tomassini

    Spine and Performance

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    John Wayne Parr

    10x Muay Thai world champion

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    ONE Women's Atomweight Champion

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    Matt Bevilacqua

    5x Paddleboard World Champion

    Praise for the HeatPulse

    • Never before has there been a more targeted massage treatment for your knee. HYDRAGUN is changing the recovery game forever with the creation of this new post-workout tool.”

    • Deeply relaxing. I really enjoyed being able to strap this on wherever, whenever, for a quick on-the-go massage... A one-stop shop for all things dodgy joints.”

    • Whether you just have a niggle or an ache, or maybe you suffer more chronic pain (this would be brilliant for arthritis sufferers), this tech provides targeted relief.”

    • If you suffer from knee pain, the HYDRAGUN HeatPulse could be a game changer. It uses heat and steady vibrations to deliver relief from tightness, soreness and stiffness.”

    • Soothes any aches or ailments with both heat and a soft pulse.”

    • The perfect gift... for the service-industry friend who’s on their feet all day.”

    • The buzz hones in on a spot I cannot target with a percussive massager and the warmth finds it way so deep it feels like it's warming my bones.”

    • A convenient and easy way to help with knee issues... ideal for those afflicted with arthritis of the knee, sprains, ligament strain and pain caused from high-impact sports.”

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      The HeatPulse is designed for:

      Knee injuries and post-surgery recovery

      Improve blood flow to ease age-related joint tension and increase flexibility

      Heal damaged tissues by increasing blood flow to the knee delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the damaged ligaments

      Knee arthritis

      Relieve chronic knee stiffness and pain

      Speed up healing of acute knee pain

      High-impact sports

      Speed up post-exercise recovery

      Manage overexertion of knee joints after high-impact activity

      HeatPulse - Female on knee on floor

      Hear from our customers

      • Peter Kirk

        “I have arthritis in my right knee with a fair amount of swelling so it's painful to run. I tolerate the pain because I don't want to give up running. I've used the HeatPulse on it and it takes the edge off of the pain.”

      • Andrew Nelmes

        “The two things I do to manage stress, is I swim, and I go to the gym. I actually like going to the gym, it's a bit of a happy place. Getting the confidence back to be able to go and do that post-surgery, would be really, really, useful. With the HeatPulse, after the half-hour cycle, I was surprised at how much better my knee felt.”

      • Isabella Guinevere Loza

        “One day I was fine, and then the next day, I just went to bend my knee, and I started crying. The pain was just terrible. My first try of the HeatPulse, I just finished a long day of ballet, so I put the HeatPulse on, and immediately, I felt relief.”

      • Alli Buchanan

        “I was crying cause I was in so much pain, I felt like the HeatPulse was something I’ve been missing in my life. The HeatPulse does exactly what my brain wants done to my knee when I’m in pain or when my knee is really swollen.”

      • Robin Arnold

        “As I'm 61 years old, I have a focus on fitness and extending my life and my health as long as I can. My whole quality of life was compromised as a result of the pain I was feeling. So my knee, after I take the HeatPulse off, it just feels really comfortable, and really pain-free.”

      • Zoe Barker

        “Arthritis has affected me quite a lot personally, because I love running. I was absolutely devastated. As soon as I turned this little warming fella on, there was just instant relief. This is taking the pain away, it's soothing it. This is what I thought I had needed for a long time.”

      • Hayley Dixon

        “I thought I was paralyzed. There were weeks that I couldn't actually move. Which meant that I really fell behind on my training. With rheumatoid pain, the best thing that you can do is warm the joints up so they can move more freely. The HeatPulse has definitely made a pretty big impact. Being able to walk around, and cook, and move around the house, as freely as you want. And I wish I had it sooner, after I had my surgery.”

        How does the HeatPulse work?

        HeatLast™ infrared graphene technology

        The HeatPulse uses HeatLast™ infrared graphene technology to provide over an hour of gentle, steady warmth to the knee joint.

        Choose from five levels of heat, ranging from 40-60℃ (104-140°F).

        Pulse vibration stimulates blood circulation

        Dual vibrating cores hug both sides of the knee to provide targeted 120Hz pulses to the patella, stimulating blood circulation and providing lasting relief from tightness, soreness and pain.

        Choose from three massage speeds.

        Why choose the HeatPulse?



        Physical Therapy/ Massage


        One-time RM649

        Recurring expense of $50+ a month

        Recurring expense of $100-$200 a session

        Immediate relief


        No side-effects

        30-day money-back guarantee and 1.5- year warranty

        The HeatPulse provides convenient, cost-effective and immediate relief.

        Man sitting on couch using HeatPulse Knee Massager

        Industry-leading battery life

        Reliably provides up to 30 minutes of therapy on each knee

        Soothing and safe

        Optimally-calibrated temperature range of 40-60℃(104-140°F) for gentle and effective treatment


        Refined user design for a comfortable,convenient recovery experience

        Man using control pod of HeatPulse Knee Massager

        Designed to deliver a pleasant and easy recovery experience

        Sleek, cordless design

        360° lightweight, anti-fray and anti-bacterial Silkro™ fabric for a snug and comfortable velcro fit on any knee

        True one-size-fits-all

        360° lightweight, anti-fray and anti-bacterial Silkro™ fabric for a snug and comfortable velcro fit on any knee

        Easy-to-use interface

        Controls 5 heat ranges and 3 vibrative pulse speeds at a push of a button

        Set it and forget it

        Automatically runs a full 30-minute treatment session on each knee

        Versatile design for multi-joint use

        Use on elbows

        The HeatPulse is designed with 360° Silkro™ fabric for a fully customizable fit, so it can be used on the elbows as well as the knees.

        Use on shoulders

        To use the HeatPulse on the shoulder, simply attach the provided extension strap and wrap it around the torso and under the armpit to secure.

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        We guarantee every purchase with our 30-day “Love it or return it” policy. Buy it, try it, and if for whatever reason you don’t like it, return it to us for a full refund.

        Reviews from our customers

        Get the HeatPulse Knee Massager now for pain-free knees

        Frequently asked questions

        For best results, do not stand up or walk around while the HeatPulse is operating. Remain seated or inclined with your knee slightly bent to align with the shape of the sleeve.

        The HeatPulse can be used on other joints such as the elbows and shoulders. Attach the extension strap to the top Silkro™ strap and reach around the torso under the opposite arm to secure the HeatPulse.

        Each therapy session runs for 30 minutes at a time, after which the HeatPulse will automatically shut off. Repeat the treatment session on the other knee if desired. The HeatPulse can provide at least two 30-minute sessions on a full charge.

        The recommended charging time is two to three hours for a full charge. Frequent overcharging may deteriorate battery performance and lifespan.

        Remove the control pod and wipe down with a slightly damp cloth or sanitize with alcohol sprays or wipes. Do not soak, wash, or submerge in water. Air dry after cleaning and make sure the sleeve is completely dry before attaching the pod and turning it on.

        The HeatPulse is charged using a USB-C cable. The cable can be connected to most USB-C charging bricks or ports to charge.

        Yes, the HeatPulse contains a 1600mAh battery which allows it to be used cordlessly. Do not operate the HeatPulse while it is plugged in or attached to a power outlet.

        The HeatPulse only comes in one size. It is made of elastic Silkro™ fabric and the design allows it to be strapped at any angle, which accommodates different knee circumferences.

        The dimensions of the HeatPulse are as follows:

        • Length of top strap: 20" (51cm)
        • Length of bottom strap: 19" (48cm)
        • Length of extension strap: 23" (58cm)

        Yes, the HeatPulse can be brought on carry-on baggage only. Do not leave the HeatPulse in check-in baggage as it contains a lithium battery.

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